Larry’s work is phenomenal.  Makes my day. His photographs are truly works of art. Dana J Denman

Your beautiful photography makes me want to visit every single place you've photographed—even places I usually have no interest in!  Ljnn Wingo Koeber 

His photographs are like part painting and part phograph creating a ultra clear defined photo. Mia DeGrant

I just finished a tour of your photostream and I must say what wonderful photos. You definitely have a “Look” to your photos that shout this is a photo by Larry. My tour was time well spent, that’s for sharing your talents with us.  George Heard

I just viewed part of your photostream for the first time.  Your work is great, very well done. You do a beautiful job with your lighting. The tonemapping is especially good.  Your present some very nice & beautiful work & I enjoyed viewing it.  Larry Moore 

Larry is in inspiration with his creativity and great eye for detail. I simply admire his superb work. He is one of my treasured friend in flickr. He always takes time to visit my stream and never fail to make my day. Thank you, my friend!   Sar Palmares


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