‚ÄčAbout Larry Braun

I am a retired chemist.  I find that hiking the many scenic trails in our area is a win/win for my mind and for my body.  I enjoy the physical exercise I get when hiking... but I also experience a mental and spiritual enrichment when I hike.  Years ago, I started carrying a small digital camera with me on the trail.  It was nice for recording the things that I had seen along the trail, but it failed to capture the mood or the emotional aspect of my experience.  

In time, I took a professional photography course where I discovered that using a combination of professional photographic equipment and computer programs such as Photoshop and Photomatix, I could create an artistic image that captured the mood of a place.

Initially I used these tools to produce landscape images. But recently I have been studying the historic buildings in our area and combining my photographic images of the buildings with a variety of artistic textures.  My final image is a combination of the architecture of the building and an expression of an intangible mood that is brought out from studying the history behind the building.

I have found that photography is my chosen creative medium.  I enjoy learning new ways to create photographic images.  I feel a connection between my subject and my final image at a level that is difficult to explain to others. That is why I enjoy sharing my images with groups like the Visual Arts Cooperative of Southeast Missouri, the Ste. Genevieve Art Guild and the River Region Photography Association.  Interacting with others who share this passion helps me expand my creativity.

Like many other forms of artistic expression, photography is full of unending challenges.  Its like a collection of jig saw puzzles. Finding the solution to one problem leads to another puzzle with new challenges and new opportunities.  

I also share my images in Facebook and on my website; larrybraunphotography.com