​About Larry Braun

I am a retired chemist.  I find that hiking the many scenic trails in our area is a win/win for my mind and for my body.  I enjoy the physical exercise I get when hiking... but I also experience a mental and spiritual enrichment when I hike.  Years ago, I started carrying a small digital camera with me on the trail.  It was nice for recording the things that I had seen along the trail, but it failed to capture the mood or the emotional aspect of my experience.  

In time, I took a professional photography course where I discovered that using a combination of professional photographic equipment and computer programs such as Photoshop and Photomatix, I could create an artistic image that captured the mood of a place.

Initially I used these tools to produce landscape images. But recently I have been studying the historic buildings in our area and combining my photographic images of the buildings with a variety of artistic textures.  My final image is a combination of the architecture of the building and an expression of an intangible mood that is brought out from studying the history behind the building.

I have found that photography is my chosen creative medium.  I enjoy learning new ways to create photographic images.  I feel a connection between my subject and my final image at a level that is difficult to explain to others. 

Like many other forms of artistic expression, photography is full of unending challenges.  Its like a collection of jig saw puzzles. Finding the solution to one problem leads to another puzzle with new challenges and new opportunities.  

My most notable photo to date is one I took of the Mississippi River that was selected to be used on a USPS forever stamp.  This stamp is included in the ‘Mighty Mississippi’  2022 stamp portfolio.  The portfolio is made up of 10 photographic stamps, each representing a state found along the river’s course.  My photo of the river is used to represent the state of Kentucky since it was taken from a bluff in Wickliffe, KY.

I also share my images in Facebook and on my website; larrybraunphotography.com